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BIM 360 Docs: Construction Document Management Built for Project Teams

When construction project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. BIM 360 Docs lets you publish, manage, review and approve all construction drawings, documents and models -- anytime, anywhere.
More Time. Less Rework Increased Collaboration Single Source of Truth
Live updates and version control allows project teams to spend less time fighting
with files and more time building.
View, share, and review files with team members and project stakeholders to help
everyone stay connected.
Documents, plans and models in one place
– with accessibility anytime or anywhere – to always stay current and connected



BIM 360 is a connected cloud platform for construction professionals, both in the office and on the jobsite, leading to faster project delivery and more predictable outcomes.
Expand BIM 360 Docs with additional packages:
BIM Docs_Packages
Common Data Platform
Rather than working in siloed systems, BIM 360 integrates the entire project workflow from design through construction across one common data platform.
Teams can easily transfer information from one phase to the next while housing all project information and data within a single solution.
Centralized Source of Truth Easy Team Hand-off Improved Decision Making
  • Single database with the most up to date information
  • Eliminate multiple iterations and rework
  • Deeper understanding of project data to help make informed business decisions
  • Fast adoption from one team to the next
  • Cloud based connectivity for mobile and desktop
  • Accessible historical data
  • Access to the right information at the right time
  • All changes reflected in current state of published files
  • Involve more stakeholders earlier on in the construction process


Baiscally you have a Construction Document Software, On-site or in the office, 2D or 3D, always on the same page!



 Ready to jump in?

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