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Cloud Collaboration – Fusion 360 – Benefits of Cloud

Fusion Team is a cloud-based collaboration tool that facilitates product design and manufacturing teams to work together on a project together in one central workspace. With over 50 plus viewable design formats, you can have access to your models from any device, substantially making customer engagement easier and more efficient. Fusion Team is the Project management and Design Collaboration tool of the future.

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Using Fusion Team, you can create projects in the cloud. Add people to the projects and define their access through viewing or editing restrictions by assigning them project roles. The software allows you to open your 3D models in the browser and see your models at any angle you like.

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The interactive tools at the bottom of the window gives the user a chance to interact with the model by exploding your assembly, to reveal individual parts. The mark-up tool gives you access to making comments on the model for the project members to view and edit to make collaboration much efficient. Real time reviews and chat options to make discussions possible cutting down on collaboration time, subsequently accelerating the design process enabling cost saving and meeting delivery schedules. It also gives you a chance to section out the model, view properties of parts, measure and orbit around it. Additionally, it gives you the capabilities to manage a project calendar while tracking project updates with updated versions and the ability to go back to previous versions and downloading the files in Inventor format or STL for your 3D printing needs.

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