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Face to Face Training versus Online Training?

Ever wonder if face to face training is now a thing of the past and think you should focus more on online training? Well, let’s explore the benefits of face to face training and online training and establish the best solution that suits your needs.

First, we are going to look at Face to Face training and explore the benefits to this. This type of training is more interactive and encourages open discussions as like-minded people are all sitting in the same room. It has less distractions as the times are set, and agendas formed so it allows dedicated time to just get it done while preventing you procrastinating – a great way to keep you focused. Face to Face training is more engaging for trainees as it gives you the opportunity to ask multiple questions and receive an instant answer from the trainer or other participants. Another hidden benefit is that it allows good networking opportunities and relationship building.


The society we live in today is leaning more on the digital world, it’s a fast-paced environment and employees struggle to get time out of the office to attend training. The best benefit to online training is that it allows you to have a flexible schedule that fits into your busy life by allowing you to pick what times suit you best to upskill, you can complete your training at your pace, in your own time if needed that you can complete it at home, or in the office. A huge benefit is online training also allows you to learn in a flexible environment, you can train from the comfort of your bed or kill time on your morning train or bus commute. Bonus point for online training is that it’s easy on the wallet – every little helps!

No matter what stage of your life or work you are at, you should never stop learning. There are numerous benefits to both types of training and by adapting a mix of both boasts great benefits – that’s why here at Procad we offer face to face training and free demonstrations online

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