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New Year, New Skills!

Procad is delighted to confirm that our training dates are now live and available to book for 2020. Whether you are seeking a fresh challenge to learn new skills or simply just require a refresher -...

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Breda Walsh 28


Cloud Collaboration - BIM 360 – Benefits of the Cloud

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Breda Walsh 25


A Complete Guide to Cam Software

In the 1950s, before the CNC (computer numerical control) was introduced by John T. Parsons, a lot of machinists underwent a lot of training and practice in ways of learning new skills to...

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Inventor Assemblies Representations

In today’s blog we will discuss representations in Inventor assemblies, representations are used to give different views, positional changes and level of details. We will mainly focus on view...

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Maria McNamara 20


Inserting & Scaling PDF or Image in Autocad

It may be necessary to work from an image or PDF if the cad file is not available. Once inserted, they must then be scaled to the correct size.

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Adam Murphy 17


How To: Autodesk have asked me to update my TLS

Autodesk are rolling out emails titled “Important: NEW August 3 deadline for Autodesk TLS update”.

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Maria McNamara 17


AutoCAD Features: Creating a Title Block

Working on any project can result in an accumulation of several CAD drawings. For the recipient of these drawings to understand the information on them, title blocks are used when plotting...

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Adam Murphy 09


Hardware for Inventor - Building a PC for Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is a powerful 3D CAD software optimised for the design and manufacturing industry. With plenty of add-ons for Machining, 3D printing, and stress simulation available. The Product...

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Rachel McNamara 09


AutoCAD Features: Linetypes

Linetypes is a visual aid that can be assigned to objects in a drawing to help differentiate between different objects and layers. This in turn makes a drawing easier to read and to understand....

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Rachel McNamara 08


Nastran Parallel Processing Capability

How to check the number of Cores in your processor?

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