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AutoCAD – Dynamic Blocks Pt 2

We are back with part two of insights into dynamic blocks with Maria our AutoCAD expert with another guide to show you how to create a block with a flip action. This feature can be particularly useful for doors where instead of having to create two different blocks depending on the direction of opening, the one can be inserted and flipped as required. Our Applications Engineer Maria then applied a visibility parameter and action to the block. By doing so it allows the user to have several different types under the one dynamic block and can switch between them depending on the one required. Now let’s break this down step by step for you!

  • The next dynamic block is the flip.
  • This is where we are going to apply the flip perimeter.
  • Once that’s placed, then apply the flip action.
  • By clicking on the perimeter, selecting the two objects and closing the block editor.
  • Saving the changes and once you click on it, you click the arrow and it flips the object.
  • The next dynamic block is visibility.
  • Apply the visibility perimeter.
  • Once that’s done, on your ribbon in the visibility panel, you are going to click on visibility states.
  • Here you need to create two new states “circle and square”.
  • Once that’s done you are going to go up to your panel and you are going to select the individual states and change the settings for both.
  • So, by selecting the circle, first clicking making visible.
  • Click your square and enter.
  • Then changing to the square state making visible.
  • Click the circle enter.
  • Closing the block editor saving the changes.
  • Once you click on your block you see you have your arrow.
  • Clicking on that you can change to the two blocks.


So, that’s another feature in the software AutoCAD explained to you in a nutshell and we hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Check out our website to register for upcoming webinars and for upcoming training based in Procad which is an Autodesk Authorised Training centre in AutoCAD.

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