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Editing File Properties made easy with Autodesk Vault

Check out a step by step tutorial created by Adam our Autodesk Vault Expert on how to edit file properties from the Vault Professional Client interface. This tutorial demonstrates how to change file properties and how to streamline your workflow by editing file properties in bulk.


How to change file properties

Some of you may already be familiar with these custom and system properties on the right panel within properties in Vault. It is possible to link these properties with properties that you have saved in an external database like an ERP system or a stock system or a work order system. Any kind of system you are using and any property you can think of can be created here in the Vault and it can be linked out to a separate database. In this video tutorial you will see how Adam took a blank stock number located in properties on each of these few new files that was recently added.

If you take an example where a particular property is going to be the same or they don’t even have to be the same. You can group select these files, so you know you are going to edit the stock number for these, therefore just select stock number and edit selected properties.


How to Streamline your workflow by editing file properties in bulk

You can also use edit properties which are for editing all the properties in one window. If you click edit selected properties and for example you use a stock number 1 2 3 4 for example and then you can drag this down and fill in all the parts underneath with the same stock number going a little bit higher so increase by one number. In excel if you drag a number down, for example 1 will update to 2, 3, 4 for the next cells. But in Vault, it will fill in a 1 into each cell.

It is a simple feature that allows you to work on a lot of properties more than once where you can edit a large bunch of properties by group selecting within your Vault.

The key to do this not on a file by file basis, as it’s a very manual process. This feature allows you to drag values down and across, so this is just a convenient new way of updating your properties in Vault.


Hope you enjoyed this short simple tutorial. We have lots of webinars coming up, don’t forget to register!

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