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Fusion 360 for CAM Users

Autodesk is providing access to Fusion 360 for PowerMill, FeatureCAM, PowerShape and PowerInspect (excluding PowerInspectStandard) subscribers.

What is happening?
Starting November 30th, 2018, current and new subscribers to PowerMill, FeatureCAM, PowerShape and PowerInspect will also receive access to Fusion 360 for the term of their subscriptionat no additional cost.
What is Fusion 360?
Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM/CAE tool for collaborative product development. Fusion 360 offers a connected design and manufacturing solution with a range of tools for workflows from concept exploration to solid modeling to advanced manufacturing.
With Fusion 360, design & manufacturing professionals can translate, create, modify and repair 3D CAD models, create assemblies, create toolpaths with integrated CAM, collaborate with project stakeholders, and much more. 
Why is Autodesk giving access to Fusion 360 along with a subscription to these products?
Autodesk is committed to offering our customers the best design and manufacturing tools. Autodesk believe that Fusion 360 is a valuable complement to these CAM products, and that now is the ideal time to provide access to Fusion 360 so subscribers can begin to take advantage of its capabilities and the difference it can make.
How do subscribers get this access to Fusion 360?
Eligible subscribers can get Fusion 360 from the Products and Services tab of their Autodesk Account site. Single-user subscribers receive access for 1 named user of Fusion 360 for each subscription. Multi-user subscribers receive access for 3 named users for each subscription.
Do maintenance plan customers get access to Fusion 360?
No, this access is for subscribers only. Customers on maintenance may take advantage of the "move to subscription" offer to receive this access to Fusion 360 as well as other subscription benefits.
For how long do subscribers have access to Fusion 360?
Subscribers have access to Fusion 360 for the same term as their current subscription of PowerMill, PowerShape, PowerInspect, or FeatureCAM. Renewing subscription of those products will extend the term access to Fusion 360 as well. Customers who do not renew their subscription will lose access to that product as well as to Fusion 360.
How can I get more information about getting started with Fusion 360?
Many free resources are available to help you get started and master Fusion 360.
The in-product help system is an excellent resource, and many tutorials are available on the Fusion 360 Support & Learning page but for more information please contact us by clicking below and requesting to speak with our Fusion 360 Specialist!
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