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How to create Keyboard shortcuts in a Revit Project

To create shortcuts for you Revit Project you will need to go to the View Tab and select the drop down for the User Interface option (Fig 1.)

revit shortcuts fig 1

(fig 1.)

(fig 2.)

revit shortcuts fig 2

Once the drop down for the User Interface is selected you will then need to select the Keyboard Shortcuts. (fig 2.)

Once you select Keyboard Shortcuts you will then be brought into a Search field where you can search for the command you are looking to create a shortcut for. You can filter the search or if you keep the filter to “All” it will search all elements within the project.

revit shortcuts fig 3

There may already be generic Keyboard shortcut set up for some commands but you can “Remove” these shortcuts and enter in your own personalised shortcut and click the “Assign” key.

revit shortcuts fig 4


Click “OK” and your shortcuts will be saved and ready to be used in the project.

Need further assistance creating shortcuts for you Revit Project or want to speak with one of our CAD Specialist, contact us by clicking below!

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